The lawyers of Klercker & Oehme – two law firms have become one. The company is flexible and works at different places of work around the country but is casually stationed in the two offices, Nyköping and Stockholm. Today we are a total of six employees, of which five are lawyers.

We are a general practice law firm that undertake assignments in a variety of areas. We provide services to both companies and individuals. We can provide assistance within the following areas of law:

We can provide assistance within the following areas of law:

  • Business law Whether you're an experienced entrepreneur or are thinking about starting up the business as it contains business life many pitfalls

  • Criminal cases When a child are affected by criminal cases, there may be a need for the parents to get additional help

  • General practice Existence sometimes contains unexpected situations, sometimes should you buy or give away something of greater value.

  • Family law Life contains many different phases like marriage, children, divorce and death, these life events can cause problems

  • Real estate The biggest deal you make, whether you are a business or an individual 's property or condominum business

  • Damages & Claims settlement An accident can happen to anyone, then it can be difficult to find the right rules and receive the compensation you are entitled to

  • Insolvency & Enforcement law If you have a business it is important to know how a situation should be handled when you or a client has problems with the economy

  • Social law When children and other people in distress are feeling bad, society has sometimes the right to make major intrusions into the common man's life

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