Business law

Business law can sometimes mean incorporation, shareholder agreements, employment contracts for key employees, labor contracts and contract interpretation or commercial disputes.

General practice

Existence sometimes contain unexpected situations, sometimes you buy or give away something of greater value. In these cases, it may then be possible to contact an attorney to make sure everything goes right. We help you with all of life's ordinary events that purchases and gifts and help you with contracts around these events. This may include advice, purchases and gifts, contracts and contract interpretation or joint ownership of movable property.


Criminal cases

When you have suffered a crime, you are often able to get a courtroom clerk to help you in the process of including damages and assist you during questioning. When a child is a crime, there may be a need for any addition to the parents help the child, we help then as special representative for the child. This may include public defenders (Lawyer UllaBella of Klercker, Lawyer Per Oehme), Claimant counsel and the special representative for children. Please note that we are appointed by the district court, but you as an individual have the right to ask any of us.


Family law

Life contains many different phases like marriage, children, divorce and death, these natural life events can lead to problems that can be difficult to predict without proper knowledge of the law. With the right help, can even the worst life events might be a little easier. This can be gift between spouses, prenuptial agreements, divorce, division of property, child custody, child's residence and access to children, co-ownership, cohabitation agreements, wills, probate and inheritance.

Real Estate

Real Estate can be very high and can affect many. Among other things, it may be about housing, tenancy, dismissals and evictions, lease, rights, invasion of property, joint property, easements, errors in real estate, contracting and construction disputes, joint ownership of property, trustee under the joint ownership of the Act or the hunting rights and hunting law.

Insolvency & Enforcement law

This may involve bankruptcy, recovery, ställföreträdaransvar, foreclosure etc.


Damages & Claims settlement

An accident can hit anyone, then it can be difficult to find your way between all the complicated rules and ensure that they receive the compensation they are entitled to. We can help you with settling claims against the insurance company and the possible claims for damages against the person who caused the damage. This could be traffic accident cases, personal injury, property damage or economic loss.

Social law

When children and other people in distress and feeling bad, society is sometimes right to make major intrusion into the common man's life. With the help and support of our experienced attorneys and lawyers we can help advance your position and defend your interests against the community. This can be LVU (compulsory care of children and young people), LVM (compulsory treatment of drug addicts) and LPT/LRV (compulsory psychiatric care and psychiatric compulsory treatment).